Why Stephen is King

I’ve been behind on my Stephen King reading, he is prolific, and just finished Blaze – a good fun romp of a read. Even knowing how the book was going to end, (it is his homage to Of Mice and Men) I had hope I was wrong.

As a reader/ writer, I love the way words can be strung, creating a sensory delight, their sound and picture tinkling in my mind’s eye as their meaning evokes feeling. They are the great lines that pull you momentarily from a story just so you can pause, reread and reflect before plunging back into the plot.

Stephen King has strung lots of those through the years and something else. He offers hope (for his characters & the Constant Reader) in the rarest of times and reminds me Something Greater exists.

In the back of the novel Blaze, is the short story Memory which is related to the novel Duma Key. The last paragraph offers such a glimpse.


“Still – she’ll never forget it, will she?”

“Well,” I said, “You’re asking the wrong person about that, Mrs. Fevereau. I’m just a retired contractor.” But when I asked Kamen, he was surprisingly optimistic. He says it’s the bad memories that wear thin first. Then, he says, they tear open and let the light through. I told him he was full of shit and he just laughed.

Maybe si’, he says. Maybe no.




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