100 Words to read by

There are words that save your life: stop, duck, run. Short words easily understood. Their action implied. We generally have no problem with these. It is the words ignored, whose sentiments are often times repeated in music listened to, movies watched and books read. They glare accusingly as if from universal billboard signs trying to get our attention. We cannot escape them as they pour from the mouths of friends, loved ones, teachers, and adversaries. Messages we choose to embrace or ignore. In them we may find a road map, inspiration or a reminder. These words can save your life.

100 on Drizzle

It is that kind of day, cast over, clouds of navy and grey blocking any of the sun’s rays. I suppose I should be glad, nature’s watering day, yet the ground squelches its soggy belch. My sandaled feet drown in puddles (no one said I was smart that way). Even the butterflies and birds refuse to fly. Today should be a holiday, a volunteered Saturday. I’d curl into a book with coffee or tea in hand. Hibernate away the day. Drizzle honey on a warm piece of toast or toast to my honey as we slip into another 100 words. Continue Reading →

100 Words Tomorrow

How fitting to play the game and the word be tomorrow when today I wrote on my website about yesterday. Funny how the words interchange, mingle, moving one to the next, a jumble on my tongue and a moving target of time for my mind. Tomorrow, how lovingly the word trips across my heart, without regret I breathe it in. For once I am calm. Despite the tv chatter of doom and gloom, the bills that pile and the dreams running backwards, I am perfectly fine. Tomorrow, the place I strive for today. The place where I know all is Continue Reading →