Binge Worthy – Under The Dome

Sometimes you need a break. Ben (protag in current work in progress is sliding into a darkness of his own and well, writing said darkness, it really hasn’t been much fun. So despite being so close to the proverbial end, I decided to be a sea slug. Three days of back to back Under The Dome and my couch.

Since I’ve been chained to my desk or a book, please excuse my lateness to the party. Plus, if I am being honest, I wasn’t in the mood to watch the show. I read the books. Yeah, plural. So I thought I knew everything that could be happening under that particular looking glass.Yet all that changed ten minutes into my arm being twisted, then I was hooked.

One of the scenes I was looking forward to was the woodchuck or was it a beaver (foggy book memory) being sliced when the dome came down. I was pleasantly surprised by the upgraded cow. I bow down to the TV Gods, the Stev(ph)ens  and some great TV writers. Binge worthy doesn’t even seem to cover it.

In fact, I’ve decided on a really shitty day when I think the world can’t get worse, I should just visit Chester Mills. After all, I can at least get in my car and hit the highway.

I will say, as handsome as Barbie is, I’m still attached to the slightly older vibe book Barbie gave off. Big Jim is a worthy of his own creepy smile statue and poor Junior. Though right now my sympathies are with the little kid who becomes an orphan and Julia.

It seems a fitting show for today’s times. Action oriented, relatively blood free and with a PG vibe it does more than hold its own. Filled with God themed ultimatums, intrigue, who dun it, and a little romance I’m wishing it could have lasted an eternity. But I’ll just have to slow my roll, savor season three with a little less binge.


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