One of my favorite Stephen King quotes, as said by Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption is “Get busy living or get busy dying.” In times of true uncertainty those words were the fire that kept me hanging on. So I honored them in a predated tweet. I was not even certain of the date and it too would have passed rather benignly if not for the death of someone I loved.

It came as a shock for to know the man was to believe he was invincible despite his advanced years. Smart, brilliant, witty, his eyes always had that mischievous luster and in him I found a friend crazier than me and a doctor who helped to heal body, mind, heart and spirit. He was an old guard…

Dr. Mayfield was the rock to which we came whenever we were in need. To say he will be missed does not do justice to the sorrow in my heart. His smile and wit now live forever in my memory along with all his healing love and knowledge. He was such a presence and truly helped to save my life! Prayers and love to the family for your loss.

Turns out, he died the day that quote came out and if you knew him, one would know busy was exactly how he would want to go.


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