A Slave For You


When she looked at me, fire ran through my veins, hot, slicing the visceral parts of me. Humbling with those hungry eyes and that wanton mouth, how easily I forget the child staring back at me from behind the mask of green. I want to take her, claim her, make her bend and cede to my will. Yet she has me chained, in mind, then body, bound to her, for her, and only her.

– Thandre Price  (A Character)*


*Snippet from unfinished novel in Nomad Series by Teresa Little

Angelic Fire


Angelic Fire

Angelic Fire

If ever one needed proof that we are just a cog in the greater wheel of the Universe, just look up. The stars say it all.



100 Words on Yesterday

It comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, more like yesteryear, reminds me of times gone by. Memories dance on a frozen pond, twisting in clarity as they fall. How I want to catch each one and keep it from sliding into the murky depths of an early senility. The blooms of roses long since spent remain etched on my heart but the lunch I ate for yesterday is a mystery. Time is marked in faded glory and age spots, in that first laugh and baby steps. Yesterday I couldn’t see the brilliance staring back at me. Continue Reading →

Birthing A Dream – Hello World!

A Christmas Eve passes into the magic of night when children are sleeping all snug in their beds and parents have crisscrossed the tree with gifts galore into the early morn. I wish all the blessings that the spirit of Christmas brings.