Teresa LittleTwo of Teresa Little’s short stories have won respectively the Writer’s Digest first prize and also honorable mention in past Writer’s Digest Annual contests. She enjoys writing freestyle poetry, mostly in the form of her 100 Words, as well as short stories and novels. Her work varies from mainstream literature to fantasy/science fiction as well as romance. Stay tuned for new works and check out her works in progress Finicky Eater and Stained.

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More About Teresa Little

Teresa Little was born to a world where imagination was king and books were things to be treasured and loved as paper pages turned. Stories of bouncing bears and a baby bird looking for his mom (Dr. Suess) became Serendipity books where the slow spinning of a tale and magical art became a love of books. Followed by Newbery Award winners, teenage sleuths (yes, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew) not to mention practically every book by Judy Blume. Then one day she skimmed away from Sweet Valley High and Danielle Steele upon meeting The Mist in Skeleton Crew. Her love for words only grew…

“I really can’t say why I write. To some degree I think it is in my DNA. I also came in with a bit of talent, and an imagination that really never lets me stray. There is something to creating a landscape and then watching as characters become alive and flesh it out with their own words and desires. Sometimes I am the puppeteer but mostly I am the puppet. I don’t write with a formula in mind or outline, which has gotten me into trouble but I work off an idea and the story is born from there. One might say it has been a rocky journey, this non mutual love affair. Some things are just meant to be. Words and me.”


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  1. “Teresa Little was born one day a long, long, long time ago…”

    Thanks for keeping it real! – But seriously – Awesome site. I want more, more, more – publish, publish, publish! Don’t leave me hanging.

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