Teresa Little

A writer by nature, Teresa Little spends her free time working with words: short stories, poetry (mostly in the form of her 100 Words), and the ever elusive novel in process.
She is an espresso junkie with a love for herbal teas, self-righteous cats, beach going dogs, music and of course, books.
One of her short stories won Writer’s Digest Annual Contest first prize. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and the Association of Writers and Writing programs. 

Teresa is currently working on publishing her debut novel in literary/mainstream fiction. Her writing interests also include Fantasy with some paranormal and romance thrown in for good measure. Check out her short stories and 100 Words collection on Wattpad.


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More About Teresa Little

Teresa Little was born to a world where imagination was king. Books were things to be treasured and loved as paper pages turned. Stories of bouncing bears and a baby bird looking for his mom (Dr. Suess) became Serendipity books where the slow spinning of a tale and magical art became a deeper love of books. Followed by Newbery Award winners, teenage sleuths (yes, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew) not to mention practically every book by Judy Blume. Until one day she skimmed away from Sweet Valley High and Danielle Steele upon meeting The Mist in Skeleton Crew. Her love for words (and Stephen King) only grew…


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  1. “Teresa Little was born one day a long, long, long time ago…”

    Thanks for keeping it real! – But seriously – Awesome site. I want more, more, more – publish, publish, publish! Don’t leave me hanging.

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