100 Words on Whisper, Anyone, Sigh

The whispered sigh begged to be heard by anyone but the death beat of time undone. Coarse as the blustered wind whipping temperature dropping particles of frozen dreams that in the light of day would shatter into remnants not to be found. The small green fruit not ripened or ready for picking, it lacked size and an orange skin. Nurtured and loved through spring, battled the Orange Dog caterpillar in summer. Got a late start in fall, slow to grow and now lost to a winter’s day. A whispered sigh cast from my lips, another season to wait. Orange, anyone?

100 Words Tomorrow

How fitting to play the game and the word be tomorrow when today I wrote on my website about yesterday. Funny how the words interchange, mingle, moving one to the next, a jumble on my tongue and a moving target of time for my mind. Tomorrow, how lovingly the word trips across my heart, without regret I breathe it in. For once I am calm. Despite the tv chatter of doom and gloom, the bills that pile and the dreams running backwards, I am perfectly fine. Tomorrow, the place I strive for today. The place where I know all is well.

A Slave For You


When she looked at me, fire ran through my veins, hot, slicing the visceral parts of me. Humbling with those hungry eyes and that wanton mouth, how easily I forget the child staring back at me from behind the mask of green. I want to take her, claim her, make her bend and cede to my will. Yet she has me chained, in mind, then body, bound to her, for her, and only her.

– Thandre Price  (A Character)*


*Snippet from unfinished novel in Nomad Series by Teresa Little

Angelic Fire


Angelic Fire

Angelic Fire

If ever one needed proof that we are just a cog in the greater wheel of the Universe, just look up. The stars say it all.