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Started as a creative game and writing exercise on a long ago blog site by people more brilliant and creative than I, the 100 words has never left me. I continue the game for my own enjoyment and creative challenge. Feel free to leave a word or play along.  The idea is simple: write 100 words on one word. Other than that there are no rules.  Have fun!

One of my favorites: Constellation for 100

Sometimes I wonder how they connect, those glistening jewels above, creating myth and legend in the night sky. Past from generations, word of mouth, we sit and stare. Each star a beacon, tracing back the years. How many pointed to the heavens, creating beauty with upswept fingers in the air? Whispered words in reverent tones, the stories around campfires told. Or lulled to the rhythm of a rocking boat, just how to navigate. Lost and found, warrior or lover, all search for the constellation they call their own. While remembering the North Star is always there to guide us home.


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