100 on Birthday Wishes

I’d wish for you a sea of blue, the color remembered in your dreams.

I’d wish for you a shore of endless sand – your home land.

I’d wish your sorrows away if they didn’t make you who you are.

I’d wish you the joy of childhood hours, when making bubbles and splashing puddles was the highest and best use of time.

I’d wish for you the memories of the stars if they spoke truths to your heart.

I’d wish peace & love to follow all your days.

I’d wish today and every day you know how wonderful you really are.

Blue Waters


About Teresa Little

A writer by nature, Teresa Little spends her free time working with words. Her current works in progress are Ring Around the Rosie with a publication date slated for 2018 and the Sisterhood Series. Finicky Eater, about a rather cranky suicidal vampire named Kasha is on hold.

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